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Chorizo Salvadoreño: It is an authentic Central-American chorizo, made with high quality boneless picnic, perfect for grilling or for chorizo recipes. It is made with great ingredients and hand-tied with corn husks.    
Chorizo Los Portales de Toluca™: Toluca is the birthplace of the Mexican Chorizo. It has a strong tradition of sausage making, and Mexico’s best chorizos come from Toluca. Now, Toluca’s most emblematic chorizo is the Green Chorizo (Chorizo Verde de Toluca). Don Pedro’s Spinach and Jalapeño Green Chorizo is the best authentic Tolucan-Style chorizo in California. Salsas: We have a line of very traditional salsas. We saw that despite there being a wide selection of salsas in the market, most of them were “Gringo” versions of it. We make ours “Molcajete” style, which is fire-roasted chiles and tomatillos, and the way Mexican grandmothers make it. We have a Red Molcajete Salsa, a Green Molcate and a Salsa “Taquera”.  
Pork Sausage Adobo

Cecina: This is a thinly, hand-carved cut of beef, slightly cured, made in the traditional style of Morelos, a central region of Mexico. It is perfect for grilling in the barbeque, or for making Cecina tacos, with nopales.

Rellena (also called Moronga): Is a Pork-blood sausage, with natural spices, mint and vegetables, similar to what the Spanish call Morcilla and the French called Boudin. Cecina Seca: A thinly hand-sliced, marinated with spices and slow-cooked in our ovens, Mexican-Style beef jerky. We have three flavors: Original, Lemon and Chile.  
Vegetarian Chorizos: We the help of renowned Chef Wilson Gonzalez, who used to owned a famous Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant in Los Angeles, we developed a vegetarian soy chorizo with an authentic flavor and wonderful mouth-feel, that is a perfect substitute for those who don’t want to miss the wonderful possibilities of chorizo but don’t eat meat. Machaca: We are the leading company in the US selling authentic Machaca. Machaca is a shredded dried beef that goes very well with eggs and nopales. Few things are more Mexican than “Huevos con Machaca”.  
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