Don Pedro's Meat began in Don Pedro Rodriguez's kitchen, where he made Cecina in the style of Morelos for his friends and relatives. Because of his original recipe, his perfectly thin hand-carved slices and the authentic flavor of his Cecina, many local store butchers servicing the Hispanic community asked him to produce it for them. With a small loan he rented a small commercial kitchen and bought a delivery truck to service these stores.

Through word of mouth the business grew, and a few years later with the help of industry leaders he built his own small USDA-inspected plant. With the additional space and the increase in the number of clients, he introduced to the market his outstanding Cecina Seca, (a Mexican-style Jerky) marinated in an authentic marinade, and slowly cooked in his custom-made oven.

Alongside his wife, Maricela, they developed and perfected other traditional Mexican recipes and introduced other products like Choripollo ™, Rellena, Machaca, and Chicharrones.

With the success of his company and nostalgia for his native land of Mexico, Don Pedro wisely invested his profits in land and Agave production (with the dream of developing the best tequila in Mexico).

In 2005, Don Pedro and Maricela decided to expand the company's reach and management team, to spend more time in Mexico near their Agave Plantation. They sold the company with the condition that Don Pedro could remain as a Gourmet Consultant to the Company.

The new owner, a Hispanic entrepreneur with a love for Authentic Mexican Cuisine, obliged, and he now travels to Mexico and other Latin American countries to bring flavors and ideas to his new company, and together with Don Pedro develop the perfect recipes for authentic and flavorful products. 
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